SRT Project


Stress Resilience Training for First Responders


I can't tell you how great it was to meet with you. I've only been dealing with this issue for a few months, but those I've met along the way have been quick to dismiss my concerns or type cast me on some fill in the box diagnosis. You have a true understanding of not only what the anxiety feels like, but also how first responders function. I absolutely look forward to working with you next week.

Thanks again,

(North Shore Firefighter)

I recently went to Eileen for stress resilience training after having stress at work. It was incredible how the process worked and I have referred two fellow officers to her and they both have had the same great experience. I have never had one minute of training on this in my 18 years on the job. I highly recommend her. She is beyond kind and compassionate and really helped me through a rough time.

(North Shore Patrolman)

I like to always be in control and so it was difficult to take the first step and make an appointment with Eileen Erni of Beverly Hypnosis and Wellness Center. But I am forever grateful I did. Eileen doesn't just treat your symptoms, but she gently and methodically gets to the root of the issue.

(Trooper, MA State Police)

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Stress Resilience for First Responders

The SRT Project is a program on stress management developed for individuals, teams, and agencies working in first responder roles. This on-site, online, stress resiliency program delivers simple yet powerful techniques that can be applied to your daily life to calm the mind, stay focused and better manage high-stress situations without losing your edge.



How Combat Breathing Saved My Life

“Combat breathing was developed as a tactical survival skill in helping police and military personnel rapidly regain control of their breath, thereby gaining control of their body during critical situations […] Combat breathing is a mandatory component of survival stress management.”


Our Mission

Providing first responders with the tools they need.

The role of the first responder is a special one. Stress overload is unavoidable being the glue that keeps this fragile society together. Many first responders find it difficult to relax and unwind given the pressures to respond to these high-stress daily situations.

First responders will learn how to better manage stressful situations, reduce anxiety, improve resiliency and maintain an overall sense of well-being.  This program combines resiliency techniques with a mindfulness practice as well as recordings sent via email to create continuity. As a result, FR’s learn evidence-based, simple techniques on how to focus and calm their minds and recover quickly from stressful situations.


ABOUT Eileen

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For over a decade, stress management expert Eileen Mckone Erni has specialized in promoting wellness with evidence-based stress reduction techniques.

Some of Eileen’s areas of study:

Clinical hypnotherapist certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists

Mindful Based Stress Reduction

Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness

Blue Courage Trainer Certification*

NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programing)

RYT Registered Yoga Teacher

*Blue Courage Trainer Academy