SRT Project


Stress Resilience Training for First Responders


I can't tell you how great it was to meet with you. I've only been dealing with this issue for a few months, but those I've met along the way have been quick to dismiss my concerns or type cast me on some fill in the box diagnosis. You have a true understanding of not only what the anxiety feels like, but also how first responders function. I absolutely look forward to working with you next week.

Thanks again,

(North Shore Firefighter)

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Stress Resilience for First Responders

The SRT Project is a program on stress management developed for individuals, teams, and agencies working in first responder roles. This on-site, online, stress resiliency program delivers simple yet powerful techniques that can be applied to your daily life to calm the mind, stay focused and better manage high-stress situations without losing your edge.



How Combat Breathing Saved My Life

“Combat breathing was developed as a tactical survival skill in helping police and military personnel rapidly regain control of their breath, thereby gaining control of their body during critical situations […] Combat breathing is a mandatory component of survival stress management.”